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About us

In 2020, Jake and Claire created That’s My Jam LLC and began offering artisanal sourdough, bagels, gluten free bread and a variety jam. We’ve since added a couple other things, and happily serve central Illinois.
That’s My Jam LLC makes everything in small batches from scratch in our home kitchen and delivers them fresh to you!

Questions we answer a lot

Do you accept tips?

Not really.  We set our prices without this in mind.  There is stuff that we welcome if you're interested in showing appreciation, like leaving a Google review (see site footer) or posting on social media or even sharing with someone in real life is good too.

Is anything available during the week?

Yes! All the stuff in jars, Sourdough Boules, and possiblywhatever we're making for markets that day anyway, or yesterdays market leftovers, that sort of thing. Probably more bread, if I had to guess.  Feel free to ask, if we can accommodate you, we will. The How it works page explains more.

What time is delivery/pickup?

It varies a little each week with different routes, but we start in Peoria around 8a and get to Bloomington later on.  We send you an email when there's a bread outside your door, or when its available for you to collect from (usually) our porch.

What about office catering?

We don't offer any service component, but if what you want is a bunch of bagels dropped at your office, then yes, we will cater to your office.  Office, AA meeting, book club, gun club, drum circle, Thursday night "Here Comes the Hotstepper" dance party, whatever.  Shoot us an email.

How gluten free is the kitchen?

We take precautions like separating those workflows, washing surfaces before prep, lining everything in parchment paper, and using separate utensils, mixing bowls, mixers, cooling racks, dutch ovens etc.  Ultimately we are constrained by operating in a home kitchen that also processes just a bunch of gluten, so if trace amounts of gluten can be a problem for you we might not be a suitable choice. As usual, feel free to contact us about this.

Do you take special orders?

Sometimes!  More likely so if it's something you want in an ongoing way or a large amount of. Or if it's really easy to make.  Or, if it's January and we've had a slow week or something;  you never know, but you can always ask! We're too busy to do this from May through September though, so actually, about 40% of the time you DO know.  We're happy to hear from you either way.

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