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Sourdough Starter

Rehydrate your

Revive your starter and start baking incredible bread in your own home

Step one

Use any amount of starter, and mix it with an equal amount of water.  Use a kitchen scale.

Let that rest at room temperature a couple few hours, until you see bubbles forming.  Gluten free starter tends to take longer here, even into the next  day.  Keep it at comfortable room temperature, and watch for bubbles.


Step two

Feed the slurry you made more flour and water.  We do equal parts each, but different recipes will call for different ratios and flour types.  Follow your recipes instructions, or experiment on your own!  Bread flour, wheat flour, AP or some combination will all do fine.  


Bulk your slurry until you have enough for your loaf.  Use a clear container for easier monitoring.

If you're using the Gluten Free Starter, this step is exactly the same with various gluten free flour blends instead.  We use a popular of the shelf baking replacement, but again, experimenting is encouraged!

Step three

Rest the bulked starter at room temperature 3-5 hours, or until it doubles in size and bubbles are visible throughout.  (You probably won't need 6 quarts of it)

Now it's ready for the fridge, put it there overnight.


Step four

Form your loaf the next day, and follow any recipe instructions to incorporate the starter in your loaf (there may be a short resting period prior, for instance).

Form the combined dough into a boule, loaf or other shape you'd like to eat and rest at room temperature a few more hours in a banneton or bowl and fridge it another night.  You can bake it now, if you're very hungry or very impatient, however it won't have fully formed its flavor profile.


Step five

Score and bake it the next morning.  Let it cool a few hours or until your self control collapses.  Enjoy!

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