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That's My (Honey Sweetened) Jam Subscription

Use this if you'd like to receive regular order of jam, but not necessarily the same one every time.  We can alternate between your chosen varieties, or skip the ones with seeds, or choose the exact order you want them in.  Just let us know what you want in the details at checkout (or let chaos decide and leave it blank; we'll choose for you, randomly).  This subscription includes our low sugar recipes, everything in the Honey sweetened category.


Try them all (except whichever ones you don't want to)!

That's My (Honey Sweetened) Jam Subscription

Price Options
Jam or syrup weekly
Jar every week
$9.00every week until canceled
Jam biweekly
Jar every two weeks
$9.00every 2 weeks until canceled
Jam monthly
Jar every month
$9.00every month until canceled
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